Last triple-eleven

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last triple-eleven

everything changes. situation and you. when apart is better, and feel this pain is allright I accept that. For you Aries boy, thanks for have ever been become my boy. sorry for the pain which really painful. I let you go. maybe together is not choice and never will be. when everything asks to separate. thanks for happiness which you gave for me. sorry if I've done something wrong and broke you heart. I'm allright and should be like that

hi you're one there. take care, so sorry cant stay and accompany you. thanks for every moments which really took my breathe up. I'm happy see you like now. Keep smile and forget so rapidly. maybe i cant be you soon. but i promise someday i will yell and say " Look! Now I'm happy like you! I'm breathe blossom and colorful!"

thanks for 13's book, for every crazy and silly billy things. i loved them much. and now sincerely i say. i let you go..

when no one can be trusted by you , trust that I've ever been love you with my whole heart.
last when you're happy, yes I AM. Simple like that..


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